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Solomiya Moroz

Griffintown Polyphony * Montreal and Berlin 2011/2012 * Sound installation originally triggered and created through Max/MSP software, Maps
Sound: 56 min, loop
Maps: 29,7 cm x 42 cm

Solomiya Moroz (1981, Lviv, Ukraine) is a flutist, composer and sound artist based in Montreal who often collaborates with artists from electronic music, dance and visual media. She holds bachelor and master's degrees from University of Ottawa and University of Montreal in flute performance and composition. Solomiya has completed Omi International Musicians residency, Banff Centre Creative Winter residencies as well as attended many workshops and master classes in Canada, in the USA and Europe.

Her work Griffintown Polyphony presents field recordings from Griffintown neighborhood located in the South West of Montreal. Once a booming industrial area occupied by Irish settlers in the middle of 19th century, today the district is undergoing a controversial redevelopment, to become a modern condo and office-area with little respect for its former history, architecture and present cultural life. The recordings include elements from Griffintown's industrial past and daily activities—trains, silos, horse carriages and bike paths—as well as from the current construction sites. As shown in the map on display, the field recordings are from both the district's east and west sides. It is important to know that the cultural life of Griffintown is threatened by the development project that aims to segregate completely its East from its West.
Neither trying to beautify or embellish the raw audio, the artist is showing the random polyphony created from the juxtaposition of the recordings, in which sounds from past and present play against each other. Griffintown Polyphony is the starting point of a larger project that Moroz is developing in collaboration with the Montreal-based video artist Ali El-Darsa. The final installation will include video projections on four large screens and will be presented in a couple of Montreal's art centers this year.

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