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zu mir oder zu dir

zu mir oder zu dir

at kunstraum tapir

©urated by Paola Bonino

opening: Friday, June 15, 2012, 19-22h
open hours: th, sa, su 16-19h

Monica Álvarez Herrasti
Isabel Craveiro
Andrea Fasoli
Sayuri Toki
Dorothy Melander-Dayton
Jessica Rapp
Janice Gobey
Katherine Jackson
Hyojung Jung
Solomiya Moroz

takt at tapir
kunstraum tapir * weserstraße 11 * 10247 berlin-f'hain
zu mir oder zu dir

"zu mir oder zu dir" brings together the works of ten international artists attending a one- to three- month residency at Takt Kunstprojektraum between April and June 2012. The residency has a strong element of community, combining a community environment with creative artistic exploration. The participants have their own studios to work in but share the use and the housekeeping of facilities such as kitchen and living room. The residents are involved in meetings, where they can present and discuss their work, and in an open studio day. Moreover, the current artists have spontaneously organized dinners and attended several events in the town together, creating opportunities for professional and personal exchange and growth. The variety of their artistic expressions -from visual arts to writing and music- and their diversity in terms of nationality have been further elements for cultural fertilization and enrichment.
The sharing of physical spaces as well as emotional and mental ones is undoubtedly a key element in contemporary art, not just in term of collective and participatory art practices, but also of dialogue and discussions among the participants – professionals in their disciplines as well as players from different fields. Such dialogue provides the base for the creation of new ideas and for keeping alive critical thinking about art and culture, preventing their oxidation into a predetermined and traditional state.
Furthermore, thanks to this interaction, a work of art no longer has a definitive and claustrophobic meaning but, on the contrary, becomes a starting point for the development of a series of meanings, a complex network that can change according to the specific times and places where it is shown and discussed.
The exhibition "zu mir oder zu dir" includes works in a wide range of media, spanning painting, photography, video, writing and music
. Most of them have been realized during the residency, as the participants have carried forward their previous research and projects, making use of their time at Takt as a period of free experimentation in a new and different context. As the artist is often a filter for the environment where he or she works and lives, the discovery of Berlin and of its cultural vitality, the everyday life in the town, as well as the relationships and exchanges within the residency may have influenced the artistic practice, leaving a trace in the works on display.

Paola Bonino