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at kunstraum tapir

©urated by Nina Thorwart

opening: Friday, December 13, 2013, 19-22h
dance performance by Erika Boudreau Barbee
open hours: 14th, 15th, 20th 16-19h

Olivia Bishop
Erika Boudreau Barbee
Elise Crevier
Corrina Goutos
Brook Morgan
S.F. Saadi
Alexandra Strada
Federico Vivarelli
Emet Sosna
Alysha Owen

takt at tapir
kunstraum tapir * weserstr. 11 (corner to Müggelstraße) * 10247 berlin f-hain


What remains after history passes by?
Memories? Stories given from one generation to the next, things which we keep like manifestations of our need to hold on to something what is gone .
What follows after the storm? Silence? clearness?
After a dance what remains beside of our audible heartbeat? ?
How much is left over from the last moment when we pause for a moment.

What is in between this and the next moment?
What comes after an end before a new beginning?

Nina Thorwart