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Real it up

Real it up

at kunstraum tapir

©urated by Nina Thorwart

opening: Friday, September 20, 2013, 19-22h
open hours: 21st, 22nd, 26th, 27th 16-19h

Alex Asli
Olivia Bishop
Dorien de Wit
Laura Di Piazza
Miguel Lope Inumerable
David Kantounas
Michelle Khourey
Charles Levin
Anne Sara Loe
Takeshi Moro
Carol Nathan Levin
Hannah Quinlivan
Ashvini Ray
Alice Claudia Stokes
Ivan Sukovic
Francesca Ulivi
Peter Wowkowych

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kunstraum tapir * weserstr. 11 (corner to Müggelstraße) * 10247 berlin f-hain

"The truth is eternal. Reality is constant and changeless. That what is changeable is not real and that what is real does not change."
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Real it up!

What is real and who is making it?

Reality is both understood as truth and objectivity, and as a potential and possibility. On one hand we think in terms of reality as something generally accepted and on the other hand we live in a permanently changing reality created by our self. Every day we are confronted as a human and consumer with realities and opinions formed through the media and advertisement presenting various propagandas of truth.

The wide gap between our need to communicate with the group and our need for self-expression of individuality, require our ability to discriminate between the public realities we are willing to accept and those which are not suitable for us. Within this conscious process of distinction we realise that most public opinions are not compatible with our own values and we need to create our own position. However, we recognise our decided realities are not permanent and perhaps we may drop off tomorrow.

Our own lived reality is primarily defined by a daily reassessment of public opinion. This public opinion is more changeable and subjective than the generally thought of as true and permanent. But also, most alternative individuals consciously design realities which are much more accepted by society than we would usually consider.

This exhibition shows a collection of artworks, which work within a wide range between the individual creative potential of the "self-made" reality and the need for more a permanent, conventional realities.

Nina Thorwart