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Unobtrusively Obvious | Takt Summer Group Show | Jake Blaschka

Jake Blaschka is an Australian artist living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His work appropriates visual, technological and ideological properties of advertising to challenge how contemporary society engages with the ubiquitous nature of advertising. Using collage as a departure point for this examination, my practice explores expanded notions of drawing through installation, photography and performance.

   unobtrusively-obvious_jake-blaschka_05 Die Sonne Im Deinem Kopf 3 | Single-channel digital video loop | 0min 24s. ed of 3

Die Sonne Im Deinem Kopf 3 & 7, connotes Wolf Vostells’ 1963 video installation of the same title. In this work Vostell applied his distinct definition of dé-collage to a broadcasted moving image by manually tampering with a TV set. While removing large sections of the frequency Vostell presented a sequence of disjointed fragments, muting any linear comprehensibility. My work appropriates this technique and applies it to a contemporary form of advertising: the motorised rotating billboard.

unobtrusively-obvious_jake-blaschka_04Die Sonne Im Deinem Kopf 7 | Single-channel digital video loop | 0min 24s. ed. of 3






Beautiful Outlook; Deficient Relief 3 |
 paper, all purpose tape, PET water bottles, fluorescent light

Beautiful Outlook; Deficient Relief 3 & 7, contemplates our society’s continual and detrimental use of PET plastics. By drawing close attention to the paradoxical phrase ‘Schöne Aussicht’ (Beautiful Outlook) used to advertise Evians water bottles, my intent is to highlight the parallel between advertising and the excessive waste produced by single use plastic.


Beautiful Outlook; Deficient Relief 3 | paper, all purpose tape, PET water bottles, fluorescent light