2015 Exhibitions

OMNIFARIOUS - von aller Art

Takt Residency Exhibition: Autumn 2015

Curated by Isolde Krams

Artists: Christel Brink Przygodda, Ariel Cotton, Adrian Fish, Rose Jaffe, Michelle Lim, Jiwoo Park, Stephanie Payne, Shah Rizzal, Marina Rolfe, Inigo Sesma

The art of this century has a wide range of views, ideas, materials and social comment. It is much easier to show rather than tell what art is. 

“Art after Post-Modernism is culturally vandalistic. That is, it seeks to destroy the high-cultural status quo and replace it with new, more timely, more adequate philosophical and artistic constructs the 20th century." Art after Post-Modernism is culturally vandalistic, furthermore, because its typical method in employing the wide range of cultural references, by which it grapples with the whole of surrounding culture, is to distort or effectively deface its sources as it bends them innovatively to its own creative needs. In addition, the cumulative effect of this new art's tremendous retrieval of cultural resources may sometimes invest its individual works with the character of a collection of loot, as if plundered by a tribe of Vandals, in a raid on past and present culture at many levels…art after Post-Modernism includes some painting which looks fairly traditional in a representative sense, yet which grasps, assimilates, and employs more diverse cultural sources and resources than art has done heretofore, in previous ages."*

Please take the statement into regard when viewing our show.

The show will allow you to interact with some of the artists face to face. See the reasoning and passion behind their work. A variety and unique artist touch is what brings this exhibition to life. From photography to drawing, from painting to comic strip. The exhibition delves into themes of life, memories, history and personal stories.

*Art after Postmodernism, James Mann, Curator Las Vegas Art Museum

 Opening: Friday, 18 September 19-22h

Exhibition: 18.12 – 20.12.2015

Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstraße 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Tapir L.A.B, Müggelstraße 17, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain




Adrian Fish - Exhibition POP UP

Adrian Fish’s photographic practice documents the physical and psychic spaces integral to the habituation to 21st century life. Employing the visual vocabulary of anthropology, Fish’s images are the product of casting a decidedly unscientific gaze on the spheres of education, recreation, and entertainment through architecture and portraiture.

Adrian Fish is a Toronto born photo-based artist and educator currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He holds an MFA from York University, as well as undergraduate accreditation from OCAD University in Toronto and the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, ON. His work has been shown nationally at numerous public institutions, artistrun centres and commercial galleries in cities such as Calgary, Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg, as well as internationally in Atlanta GA, Brooklyn, NY, Chelsea, NY, Columbus, OH, Lishui City, China and Tokyo, Japan. Adrian is currently Associate Professor in the Division of Media Art at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is represented by Loop Gallery in Toronto.


Opening: Wednesday 25 Nov, 7-9pm

Kunstraum Tapir LAB, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin
 Vemo Hang - Exhibition POP UP

Shaping an image from inside out and stepping back in, fostering a dynamic that interplays the forces stretching between the realities of mind and the perceived, Vemo's paintings have always been about a process of vibrating, filtering, and actualising mind imageries which after undertaking bodily forms merge channels between our immediate reality and specific mental realms.

Born in Shanghai, 1991 and studied her BFA in the United States,Vemo Hang is currently living and working in Berlin.


Opening: Wednesday 25 Nov, 7-9pm

Exhibition: 25th Nov – 27th Nov 2015
Kunstraum Tapir LAB, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin
Carla Effa : Wide End - Exhibition POP UP

In this exhibition, through the repetition of pyramidal figures, the artist seeks to create an artificial landscape, a texture, an endlessness of sharp white peaks that bring the relationship between the spectators and the space into question.

These figures create an amplitude in a limited space, creating a puzzling world that makes the viewer wonder about its scale, inviting one to get lost in its monotony, deployed shadows, in its hardness that contrasts the calmness which produces the observation of continuity and repetition.

The work aims to show the duality between the room, a closed and finite space, and the work, composed of finite objects, which create the illusion of a vast and limitless space. The repetition of objects is disturbing and even aggressive, designed to overwhelm the viewer, causing them to question their relationship with the work and the space, experiencing narrowness and wideness in equal measure.

An architect and artist from Chile, currently based in Berlin. Through her work she attempts to generate objects that defy the perception of the viewer while experimenting with planes and volumes. Optical and/or kinetic pieces strive to configure space using as components color, light (natural or artificial) and movement. The role of the viewer is fundamental in her work, being the one who activates and explores these variables.


POP UP Opening Night: November 6th, 7-10pm

Kunstraum Tapir LAB, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin

Andreas Ammer: Fotografie II

Andreas Ammers Fotografien wirken fastfiligran, zerbrechlich. Sie drängen sich nicht auf, entfalten dabei jedoch eine seltene Nachwirkung. Die Bilder Bilder sind präzise, ohne je kalt zu wirken, ganz im Gegenteil. Obwohl auf ihnen nur selten Menschen zu sehen sind- und wenn, dann eher beiläufig, als Statisten in einer nicht für sie eingerichteten Welt- so sind sie, diese Bilder, doch ausgesprochen beseelt.

Sie schulen das Sehen. Sie begleiten einen weiter, auch wenn man sie konkret schon lange aus dem Blick verloren hat. Keine wohlfeile Schönheit abbildend, machen sie die Welt doch schöner.

Fotografien. They act almost filigree, fragile. They crowd not on, However unfold a rare aftereffect. These pictures are accurate, without ever cold to act, all on the contrary. Although on you seldom people will be return to see and if, then rather casually, as extras in a not decorated for her world so these pictures are still very animated.

You train the vision. They accompany a further, also if you specifically has long been out of sight lost. No trite Beauty mapping, Make the World yet beautiful. (text by: Claus Löser)

Opening: November 6th, 7-10pm

Exhibition: November 7th- 22th
Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin

Wolfe’s practice questions the coherence of systems that humans create in order to better understand the world around them. Working with a myriad of materials, including books, water, light, chemical and organic compounds, photographs and other found objects, she encourages the viewer to reject a rigid classification of their surroundings in favor of arrangements that offer uncertainty, disturbance and new possibilities.

Green Room 11 is a satellite exhibition running simultaneously with Wolfe’s large water installation in Washington DC. Green Room 11 raises environmentally relevant topics in the broader context of Art and Science. The exhibition offers an interconnected “micro” installation, a systematic collection that serves as a live laboratory of glass vessels filled with natural plant and animal extractions, industrial chemicals, biological stains used for histology, as well as samples taken from local and national waterways, some of which are heavily polluted. These are displayed with natural plant and animal extractions such as squid ink, cochineal bugs, kamala, beet juice and alkanet.

While the water vessels present a dazzling array of light and color, the installation will change over the duration of the exhibition as the water and matter settle into varying stages of decomposition, oxidation and shades of color. Many of the vessels will be connected by tubing and will share a common environment, each sample being affected by its co-habitant. These processes become the integral meaning and functional purpose of the live laboratory.

Within the context of Art and Science and Wolfe’s use of gathering and reordering to generate new associations, History of Nature presents a thoughtful interaction between text and image. Wolfe creates a visual vocabulary of codes on found book pages with a metaphorical and literal lightness. The graphic symbols are simple reactions to the existing text and often mock science textbook’s use of equations and directional lines. Many of these codes are then used in larger, more abstract drawings and paintings.

Julie Wolfe is a visual and conceptual artist living and working in Washington, DC and New York. She received a BFA in Painting and Art History from the University of Texas, Austin. Her work is exhibited and collected at many institutions around the world. For more information about Julie and her work, please visit her website at juliewolfedesign.com

Opening: Friday 9th October 2015 19-22h

Exhibition: 10th October – 31st October 2015

Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin

Julie Wolfe 02Julie Wolfe 03Julie Wolfe 05 (Green Room)Julie Wolfe 04  Julie Wolfe 06 (line of jars) Julie Wolfe 07

anya- kavanaugh

Anya Kavanaugh // Her Good Eye

Curated by Alice Stokes

“The personal nature of the human mind is a peculiar existence. It can manifest itself in many ways – for example, through language and action. But what if I want access to a mind that is not mine? While in Berlin, I have been investigating, exploiting, and considering the possibilities of splitting selfhood vis-à-vis otherness.” Anya Kavanaugh

The beautiful, the toxic and the sharp edge of a palette knife. Her Good Eye is a display of works by American artist Anya Kavanaugh, created in Berlin through 2015.

The human figure is objectified with blank eyes or a cutting direct gaze. The divide between viewer and painting expands. The effect severing yourself from ‘the other’. This confrontation folds back on itself and in turn you watch the painting watching you. You become ‘the other’.

Kavanaugh presents an attitude of beauty through her portraits. This is no soft focus petal. The almost neon palette blends a dualism of allure and repulse. Contextually apt in today’s overstimulated addiction and reverence of ‘the beautiful’. An obsession we carry on our iPhones and claim ownership on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook- like a potted plant domesticating nature. 


Opening:  Friday 9th October 2015 
Exhibition: 10th October – 31st October 2015
Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin

Takt Kunstprojektraum presents the Summer Artists in Residency Group Exhibition:


A point of view is an attitude of how one sees or thinks of something.The usage is synonymous with perspective. In art, we the viewer are presented with a point of view. The artists point of view is synonymous with his/her perspective of life.

Our knowledge about reality is often relative to a certain point of view. Our concept of a picture and model is multifunctional and ambiguous and judged by certain traditions and morals. Robert A. Wilson is of the opinion that “every individual interprets the same world differently, hence: truth is in the eye of the beholder.

The artists in this show have made art works from their specific view points using various styles and techniques. Humbold argued that language was part of the creative adventure of mankind and speech is inherently and implicitly creative. The onlooker comes to an art work with a specific view. It is up to the artist to state his/hers, and perhaps even changes that of the viewer.

Curator: Isolde Krams

Ellen Bleiwas,
Carla Effa,
Khaled Haider,
Vemo Hang,
Jungin Kim,
Monica Lemmon,
Andjela Micic,
Ann Marie Miller,
Hila Peleg,
Danielle Riede,
Elizabeth Sullivan,
Eleni Tongidou,
Makiko Yamamoto.

Opening: Friday, 18 September 19-22h
Exhibition: 19 Sept – 27 Sept 2015


Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain

Krista Bailie
Meditation Chambers

Artist Statement
My work is primarily concerned with the connections between people in the public and private spheres, subverting expectations around interactions between certain structures of power by intervening in the structures themselves. I have been concerned with ideas of attention, exclusion and the psychological implications of the institution. A recent work, Meditation Chambers, is arranged to interrupt the gallery space and challenge the academic institutionalization in art marked by designing spaces and programs which are often inaccessible to those outside the discipline. A white tent, the chamber is large enough for one person and once locked inside the viewer is encouraged to explore the meditative opportunities seclusion provides for a suggested period of time. Offering gentle lighting, aromatherapy to trigger relaxation, and earplugs to block the outside world, the tent is meant to allow one a place to process the way the gallery environment affects them psychologically and physically. Connecting these recent works together is the focus on attention, valuing presence over escapism, though the tension between the two is evident. They speak to the movement of the body as an expression of will, controlling aspects of movement as a way to cause reflection and a change of understanding in the viewer. My works contain aspects of time, and take the position that it is daily life that interrupts the experience of reflection, the reflection functioning then as the continuity.

Künstleriches Profil
Meine Arbeiten beschäftigen sich vornehmlich mit zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen in öffentlichen und privaten Sphären. Sie unterwandern die Erwartungen, die sich an bestimmte Machtstrukturen knüpfen, indem sie in diese Strukturen selbst eingreifen. Zuletzt habe ich mich insbesondere mit Vorstellungen von Aufmerksamkeit, Exklusion und den psychologischen Auswirkung der Institution beschäftigt. Meditation Chambers, eine aktuelle Arbeit, ist so eingerichtet, dass sie den Ausstellungsraum unterbricht und damit die akademische Institutionalisierung von Kunst herausfordert, deren Räume und Programme oftmals unzugänglich sind für diejenigen, die außerhalb der Disziplin stehen. Das Kernstück des Werks ist ein weißer Würfel, groß genug um eine Person zu behausen. Verschließt man den Würfel, so ergibt sich für den Besucher oder die Besucherin die Möglichkeit, das meditative Potenzial des Raums zu erkunden. Er bietet sanftes Licht, Aromatherapie zur Entspannung, und Ohrstöpsel um die Außenwelt auszublenden, und er eröffnet damit einen Ort, an dem der Besucher oder die Besucherin darüber reflektieren kann, wie er oder sie psychologisch und physiologisch vom Ausstellungsraum betroffen ist. Diese Arbeiten verknüpft der Bezug auf Aufmerksamkeit und die Spannung zwischen Anwesenheit und Eskapismus. Sie beschäftigen sich mit der Bewegung des Körpers als Ausdruck des Willens und kontrollieren Aspekte der Bewegung um hierüber Reflexion und ein tieferes Verständnis auszulösen. Meine Arbeiten beschäftigen sich zudem mit Problemen der Zeit, und vertreten den Standpunkt, dass das tägliche Leben das Erlebnis der Reflexion unterbricht, und dass es die Reflexion ist, die Kontinuität schafft.

Krista Bailie is an award-winning visual artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Using mainly installation and performance, Krista’s work investigates structures of power, exclusion and identity formation. Krista holds a BFA from Emily Carr University, a BHK from the University of British Columbia and is an instructor in the Digital Media and Photography program at the University of the Fraser Valley. Her work has been shown in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin.

Krista Bailie ist eine mehrfach ausgezeichnete Künstlerin aus Vancouver, Kanada. Sie untersucht insbesondere mittels Installationen und Performances die Strukturen von Macht, Exklusion und Identität. Krista hat die Emily Carr Universität mit einem Bachelor of Fine Arts und die University of British Columbia mit einem Bachelor of Human Kinetics abgeschlossen. Sie lehrt derzeit im Digital Media and Photography Program an der University of the Fraser Valley. Ihre Ausstellungen waren in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London und Berlin zu sehen.

Opening: Friday 7 August 19-22h
Exhibition: 8th - 28th August 2015
curated by Takt Kunstprojektraum

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain

Adam Derums
To Understand The Stars Would Spoil Their Appearance

Artist Statement:
My practice is a self-generating process, propelled by an inner logic that is transposed through the meditative process of painting. It is informed by the history of painting and the allure of the aesthetic experience as a means of engaging with the world.

Opening: Friday 10 April 19-22h
Exhibition: 11th April – 8th May 2015

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain

Takt Residency Exhibition:
Image & Word

The image of an artwork may be a glimpse into the artist’s soul. When we view an exhibition we are privileged to look and read. To give us a push in the right direction, the artist may point an arrow as it were, by giving us the title of the work. In this exhibition the artists have been asked for an artists statement. It may be interesting to see an image and whether this correlates with the words given. Millie Gleeson is asking us to follow her into a different world, her explanation gives further insight. Our understanding of a painting may add a new dimension once confronted with its explanation. Some artists in the show go as far as actually including words in the art work. Harold Hollingsworth for instance found his inspiration on the walls of Berlin, he finds beauty in the torn and destroyed posters under his feet which he translates into aesthetic hard edge patches, paintings. Words, particularly specifically chosen, can be powerful.

Joy Ivill uses words as in a comic strip, words add meaning to her images, words are an integral part of her wall hangings. To Jonathan Sharav the joy of mark making is integral, words, marks and symbols are given equal importance. Kahled Haider uses words to trick us. Words are used as in an advert, for show. Beautiful images are juxtaposed with letters. Sasha Panyuta is showing us a video piece that would not make sense without words, and Courtney Rodgers, Tiffany April, Ginny Huo and Susan Klein´s artists statement may be pertinent to the understanding of their work. But how much does an artist want to divulge? The artist is showing us a small piece of his/her world and we the onlooker may simply enjoy the images the artists have provided.

Curated by Isolde Krams


Tiffany April
Millie Gleeson
Khaled Haider
Harold Hollingsworth
Ginny Huo
Joy Ivill
Lola Karpenka
Susan Klein
Sasha Panyuta
Courtney Rodgers
Jonathan Sharav


Opening:Friday 19th June 2015, 19-22h
Performance: Friday 19th June 2015, 20h
Lola Karpenka: On Head and Hands: Watashi Wa Rora Desu II

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain

Christine Falk & Alfred Banze: Public Colours/ Private Lines

Christine Falk & Alfred Banze: 
Public Colours / Private Lines

We are happy to invite
Christine Falk & Alfred Banze as first guests
as part of the exhibition series BEZIEHUNGEN
©urated by takt kunstprojektraum


Painting, searchingly between abstraction and reality, based on the roots of classical modernism. In search of the essence of a place, a moment. Playing with color, texture. Balance between physiological perception and culturally shaped aesthetic. Search for the typical, the pictorial, the magic of a place in a world designed by people. The result of a long process of intercultural dialogue and project work in various cultures. Experience, reception, metamorphosis, new discovery. This raises the question of the image reception and their culturally determined differences.

Hand writing, drawing, and playing a musical instrument are children of the same idea: the direct notation of an incursion, a mood, at the moment of it´s appearance. Ornaments, rhythms, visual and auditory pattern, found while traveling and in digital and analog archives. Born in 1958 in Kirchbauna, Alfred Banze lives in Berlin. Videos, photos, performances, installations, drawings and music. Since 2001 he has worked in participatory art projects, in which children, youth and adults, amateurs, artists and specialists in various areas be included in the artistic production.


Opening: Friday, May 15th, 7-10pm
Exhibition: 15.05.- 05.06.2015

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain
tapir LAB ° müggelstrasse 17 ° 10247 berlin f-hain

Christine Falk & Alfred Banze: Public Colours/ Private Lines

Isabel Rock: 
Bongo Bicycle

Takt Kunstprojektraum is happy to present:
Exhibition: Bongo Bicycle by Isabel Rock
in our new satellite Takt Residency Leipzig at Tapetenwerk

We’re in Leipzig and something is chuckling and grumbling behind the paper. See the strange and humorous world of Isabel Rock’s imagining. A personal folklore of goblins, crocodiles, bicycles and ice cream; the landscape is surreal as it is familiar. Greed, hunger, mischief and play, Rock combines a gayety and grumpiness through her work. Pools of bright inks swell and trickle through swirls of delicate detailed rendering. A colourful aesthetic of chaos and movement. Narratives trail through the drawings as the characters chant songs of Rock’s quirky rhyme.

Beyond the alluring surface of refined penmanship and the cheeky mischievousness of the creatures, stares a piercing gaze back out to our primal and animalistic instincts. Rock's fantastical characters might fuel our self denial that we are not these monsters. But the allegories of greed, gluttony and violence echo our blind subservience to consumerism and capitalist systems.

Opening: Thursday 30th April 17-24h
Exhibition: 1st - 2nd May 2015

Performance: Friday 16h with Erika Boudreau-Barbee

Haus B, 1. Obergeschoss/ first floor
Lützner Straße 91, 04177 Leipzig

Isabel Rock: http://isabelrock.blogspot.de/
Erika Boudreau-Barbee: http://www.erikabb.com/

Yunsun Jung: Jung Collection

Yunsun Jung:
Jung Collection

Yunsun Jung is a visual artist who's work mainly considers what the role of art is and how it communicates within contemporary society. In particular, she focuses on a specific site in which observed phenomena and conditions have been newly interpreted and represented through her practice. Jung Collection is a work that converted its place, provided as a studio and living space during the period of the Takt residency program in Berlin into a kind of collection and bunker. The concepts of ‘collection’ and ‘bunker’ in this work derive from the Boros Collection in Berlin.

Opening: Friday 17th April, 19-22h
Exhibition: 18th-30th April

Kunstraum Okapi,  Kopenhagener Strasse 31b, 10437 Berlin

Okapi started in 2014.
It includes a gallery, an artist residency and a communal meditation space.
After Takt Artist Residency, Kunstraum Tapir and Takt Academy it is the fourth growth of the artist initiative Takt Kunstprojektraum, which was founded in 2003.

Yunsun Jung: Jung Collection
Carolyn Bushell: Ohne Ziel

Carolyn Bushell:
Ohne Ziel

A continuing exploration of expression and inner emotional reality. The development and use of colour to evoke moods and ideas as well as contrasting light and shadow.

Eine fortlaufende Erforschung der inneren emotionalen Realität und ihres künstlerischen Ausdrucks. Die Entwicklung und der Einsatz von Farbe, um Stimmungen und Ideen sowie kontrastierende Licht- und Schattenwirkungen hervorzurufen.

Opening: Friday 10 April 19-22h
Exhibition: 11th April - 8th May 2015
Performance: 9pm at the opening night,
Performance with Lola Karpenka, current Takt resident,

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain

Carolyn Bushell: Ohne Ziel
Takt Residency: What the eyes don't see

Takt Residency Exhibition:
What the eyes don´t see

We are part of the visible world. "The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled."* The exhibition entices us to look behind the façade, not to take images at face value. "The more imaginative the work, the more profoundly it allows us to share the artist´s experience of the visible."* This show abounds with the different languages of the image. (*Ways of Seeing- John Berger)

Curated by Isolde Krams

Wahid Ajmi
Ying Cui
Marcel Darienzo
Wenhui He
Ginny Huo
Yunsun Jung
Anya Kavanaugh
Jisu Kim
Lim Kim
Lindsey Landfried
Ros Martin
Sasha Panyuta
Christina Read
Mehrunisa Reimoo
S.F. Saadi

Opening: 20th March 19-22h
Exhibition: March 21st-28th

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain

Takt Residency: What the eyes don't see
Ralf Tekaat: Parterre

Ralf Tekaat: 

Ralf Tekaat was born 1970 in Bobingen, Bavaria. He studied Visual Communications at the University Of Applied Sciences, Münster and finished there 1997 with diploma. From 1997 to 2002 he studied Visual Arts at the University Of The Arts Bremen in the classes of Wolfgang Schmitz and Paco Knöller. 2002 after graduation he integrated the master class of Paco Knöller. Since 2005 he had several lectureships at the University Of The Arts, Bremen. Since 2012 he has a lectureship at the University Bremen.

He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He describes himself as a drawer and he focuses on paper work. In his huge pencil drawings several layers of hatchings create slowly objects. In his wall installations there is a more a kind of story telling.


Opening: Friday 13th February 19-22h
Exhibition: 14 Feb – 12 Mar 2015

Kunstraum Tapir Weserstrasse 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedirchshain


Ralf Tekaat: Parterre