Brian Riedel | False Tscüße



Brian Riedel | False Tscüße
21.08. – 11.09.2016
curated by takt




False Tscüße

These works originated during Brian Riedel’s stay at Takt Artist Residency in spring 2016.

I use my work as a form of bookmarking. Every time new work is made, the process informs its placement in time. These bookmarks aren’t always specific, but are for connecting moments. I am most interested in work that establishes relationships that become their own objects in time.
My work emphasizes struggles for compositional dominance and reliance between mutually alike elements. Pulling together balance and form to create arrangements that please the eye and trigger the senses.“




Ascents and Descents: Walking in the unknown | Late morning | Sweet dreams of sour pickles | A night in Budvar | Echo Berlin bonjourno | acrylic on canvas



Ascents and Descents:Walking in the unknown | Late morning | Sweet dreams of sour pickles | acrylic on canvas



Ascents and Descents: A night in Budvar | acrylic on canvas



Ascents and Descents: False Tscüße | acrylic on canvas


Transitory series: Eshbon night-line | Ostkreuz shuffle | acrylic on canvas


Transitory series: Eshbon night-line | acrylic on canvas