2016 Exhibitions

Wahrnehmungen | Perceptions

Takt A.I.R. Winter Group Show 2016
curated by Isolde Krams

10.12. - 18.12.2016 at Tapir
12.12. - 18.12.2016 at POSSUM

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Kunstraum Tapir | Weserstr. 11 | 10247 Berlin-F'hain
POSSUM | Veteranenstr. 14 | 10119 Berlin-Mitte



Takt Kunstprojektraum and Gallery POSSUM are happy to present

Oscar Castillo | Berlin tropical

DO | TH 10.11.2016 19 - 22 h
11.11. - 25.11.2016
FR 18.11.2016 18h
FR 25.11.2016 16h
DO | FR  | TH | FR 16 - 20 h


POSSUM | Veteranenstr. 14 | 10119 Berlin

Berlin tropical

Oscar Castillo’s works are the result of a search for a fixed point where the inner and outer worlds meet and enter into creative conflict. Here, the outer world stands for expansion and a centripetal force, and the inner world for contraction and a centrifugal force.
Ocar Castillo, who was born in Mexico and came to Germany in 1999, works in both countries, and often finds himself, both biographically and artistically, in a conflict zone between a technological, rationalised world and the unconscious and mythical parts of our existence.
As a result of this conflict, scenes of sensuous colours emerge in Oscar Castllo’s work, which, on a deeper level than our understanding, hint at the origins of human existance.
(conversation note Oscar Castillo - Bernd Haas)

Oscar Castillos Werke sind das Ergebnis der Suche nach einem Fixpunkt, in dem sich Innen- und Aussenwelt begegnen und in einen kreativen Konflikt eintreten.
Die Aussenwelt steht hier für Expansion und Zentripetalkraft, die Innenwelt für Kontraktion und Zentrifugalkraft.
Ocar Castillo, der in Mexiko geboren wurde und 1999 nach Deutschland kam und seitdem in beiden Ländern arbeitet, sieht sich biografisch und künstlerisch in diesem Spannungsfeld einer technisierten, rationalisierten Welt und den unbewussten und mythischen Anteilen unserer Existenz.
So entstehen in Oscar Castllos Werk Szenen von sinnlicher Farbigkeit, die in uns auf einer Ebene, die tiefer ist als alles Verstehen, eine Resonanz erzeugen, die uns eine Ahnung gibt von den Ursprüngen unseres Menschseins.
(Gesprächnotiz Oscar Castillo - Bernd Haas)



Takt presents

Sketch the Moment | 1st Exhibition

Opening: Friday, Novemberber 18th 19 - 22h
Exhibition: 18.11. - 30.11.2016
Open hours: Fri/ Sat/ Sun 16-19h
curated by Sketch the Moment | Irene Graziadei
invited by takt artist residency

Participating Artists:
Uta Blindow
Byron Breese
Luis Diego Cabezas
Jacalyn Carley
Millie Gleeson
Jana Kalina
Veronique Kaploun
Gabriele Krüger
Kathryn Lawrence
Liz Magno
Ioana Mihailescu
Marissa Rae Niederhauser
Paula Nishikawara
Sabine Pabel
Martin Paul
Etienne Pixa
Griseldis Schreck
Ulrike Wolf


Kunstraum Tapir | Weserstraße 11 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Sketch the Moment

Fairies, Secret Agents and Michelangelo... What do these have in common?
They’re some of the many performance themes for Irene as she prepares poses and selects Music for mix tapes during her Sketch the Moment sessions. With the longest pose lasting 5 minutes and the shortest a constantly moving slow motion, Irene challenges and inspires both herself and the artists who strive to capture her pose on paper before it is gone.
The works in this show were drawn during a variety of Irene's performances. Other topics have included Yoga, Tarantella, Diva, Circus, Dramatic Poses, Balance/Unbalance and more.
Sketch the Moment is cooperation with Takt Academy.
The group meets at the Tapir Gallery
Monday evening from 19 - 21h
Tuesday morning from 11 - 13h.


Millie Gleeson | time will tell
08.10. - 30.10.2016


Kunstraum Tapir | Weserstraße 11 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrivhshain

time will tell

 Staged around a powerful female character my paintings portray figures in various guises, featured in settings that create a narrative. Their large scale attribute a goddess-like feel, synchronising with the theatricality of each scenario. I fabricate my vision through props, costume, and make-up, from which performance-based photo shoots evolve. Imbued with a dualism of a fantastical yet familiar reality. A playful act between the model and myself as photographer, explores characteristics until everything “clicks” into place. Translating the imagery through paint is an intimate exploration of my visual language through the female figure and its expression. Painting women allows me to unlock a part of myself, which I feel resides in them, becoming both a transformative and reflective process.









Takt A.I.R. Autumn Group Show 2016
curated by Isolde Krams


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Kunstraum Tapir | Tapir LAB | Weserstr. 11 | 10247 Berlin-F'hain

"What sets us apart is a life in the mind, the ability to imagine"

In the mind´s eye, refers to the human ability to visualize to experience visual imagery. One´s ability to "see" things with the mind.

All of us are addicted to imaginary journeys, recollecting events from the past, conjuring visions of our future, exploring possible worlds in fiction and film...
"We live so much of our lives`in our heads´:visual imagery may not be required for imagination, but for most of us it is a key ingredient"
Robin Dunbar, evolutionary biologist

"...what makes artists 'artists' is continuing to develop the inner vision...and drawing what´s seen there, not what´s external."


Brian Riedel | False Tscüße
21.08. - 11.09.2016
curated by takt


False Tscüße

These works originated during Brian Riedel's stay at Takt Artist Residency in spring 2016.

I use my work as a form of bookmarking. Every time new work is made, the process informs its placement in time. These bookmarks aren’t always specific, but are for connecting moments. I am most interested in work that establishes relationships that become their own objects in time.
My work emphasizes struggles for compositional dominance and reliance between mutually alike elements. Pulling together balance and form to create arrangements that please the eye and trigger the senses.“





13.08. - 02.09.2016


Kunstraum Tapir,  Weserstraße 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrivhshain


Kunstraum Tapir is pleased to present VITREOPHOBIA: New Works by Erin Davis, the artist’s first solo show in Berlin.  Erin’s practice examines the biological and psychological ramifications of a world constantly drenched in LED light.  Through moving image and installation based media, he creates glimpses into worlds where these consequences are magnified towards a point of uncanny sensory-overstimulation.  Often combining aesthetics of medical sterility and DIY underground plant grow-houses, Erin’s works take on an almost post-human presence. The viewer is continually unsure whether they are the examiner or the examined in the experiment-like environments he creates that appear visually seductive, often using strobing lights and copious amounts of reflective material, with more serious undertones.  Influenced by his research of the varying implications of LED light’s unblinking glow: such as sleeplessness, laboratory experimentation, military torture, or physiological/psychological effects on plants, animals, and humans, Erin’s work perceptually and psychologically challenges the viewer.  He is compelled by the ramifications of LED light in a culture that lives and breathes it.




Danielle Riede

Hier und jetzt

16.07. - 29.07.2016


POSSUM | Veteranenstrr. 14 | 10119 Berlin

Hier und jetzt

The title, "Here and Now", references the spontaneity of my recent works. For this exhibition I will be creating a new site-specific installation composed of salvaged materials, which I will alter with drawn and painted marks. I view this exhibition as an extension of my new "Wingspan" paintings, for which I do not have a preconceived image in mind.

Inspired by dance, I begin with an intuitive movement off of the canvas and record that same movement in paint.


Christopher Dalzell

Mentis Morbum: a Visual Study of a Broken Mind


Kunstraum Tapir,  Weserstraße 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Mentis Morbum: a Visual Study of a Broken Mind

Mentis Morbum is a body of work exploring the subject of mental illness. The work is a visual representation of my experience with anxiety and how it manifests. The work has been informed by on going interactions people who live with a form of mental illness such as depression and anxiety.


Anastasia Cazabon | Dream Logic

Pop up show


Tapir LAB | Müggelstr. 17 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

DREAM LOGIC is a photography series and installation that explores the absurdity, horror and humor of dream life. One-third of our lives is spent in sleep, and within this time our brains never stop and are in constant activity conjuring up with surreal visuals and stories while our body rests. During this time our subconscious emerges and plays on our inner fears, desires, anxieties, and loves depicting them in seemingly illogical, bizarre, horrifying and oftentimes dazzling glory.

The style of Dream Logic is inspired by Giallo Cinema, a genre of Italian cinema from the 1960’s and 70’s, that evoked horror, mystery and the supernatural. The style became famous for its surreal compositions, vivid colors, lush lighting and voyeuristic close-ups. This genre brings an odd combination of results that are disturbing, stunning, and even droll.

Anastasia Cazabon is a photographer, filmmaker and curator living in Berlin. More of her work can be seen at anastasiacazabon.com.


Unobtrusively Obvious | 
Takt Summer Group Show 2016
curated by Isolde Krams

The title of this show is an oxymoron!
Arguably all art is "obvious", open to view or knowledge, perhaps blatant.
But is great art obvious?
The artists in this show have impressed by being unobtrusive, unpretentious.
Only by close inspection do meanings become apparent.
Sometimes just small hints give further insight.These art works are not self-evident. The meaning of certain images is hidden.

" Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed". Kahlil Gibran

Participating artists:

Carlos Aguirre, Jake Blaschka, Samantha Heriz, Yoshifumi Ito, Kat Reynolds, Brian Riedel, Patti Singer, Maddie Stearns, Alissa Zilber, Yutsen Liu / Nan Hsuan Lee

18.06 – 26.06.2016

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Kunstraum Tapir | Weserstr. 11 | 10247 Berlin-F'hain


Takeshi Moro | Wannsee im Berliner Blau

04.- 26.06.2016

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POSSUM | Veteranenstrr. 14 | 10119 Berlin

Wannsee im Berliner Blau

What does evil look like? Takeshi Moro’s new series of cyanotypes made from imagery shot
during his stay at Takt Artist Residency mines German historical sites for clues as to
the evil that happened there.
From early depictions of the devil as a horned beast to Goya's “The Shootings of May 3rd 1808”, evil as we understand it has taken on many different forms. This visible, somewhat theatrical form of evil still exists (ISIS, mass shootings, genocide), but after WWII the world came to understand evil as something less obvious as well - a series of decisions made in a war room, bureaucracy or a refusal to act in the face of injustice, as evidenced in the Nuremberg trials where former Nazis defended their actions with the defense that they were “just following orders.”


Takeshi Moro_Wannsee_10


Tina Hopp | breadcrumbs will cover your way

Tina Hopp is a visual artist born in Germany in 1977. She studied Fine Art and English in Germany before moving to Ireland in 2006. Tina received her BA in Art and Design as well as her BA Honours Degree in the West of Ireland, where she lived and worked between 2006 and 2012. Her recent work centres around relationships between what we see and what we know and explores perceptional and memory-related issues.....


BURSTING - Silvia Camagni | Eleni Tongidou

4.5.- 22.5.2016


Kunstraum Tapir |  Weserstraße 11 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

'Bursting' brings together works by Silvia Camagni and Eleni Tongidou,
exposing polarised trajectories such as creation and destruction, as
the two ends of one moment.


Isolde Krams// The Natives are restless

22.04.- 30.05. 2016

opossum-logo-ohne rand 
Gallery Possum, Veteranenstr. 14 10119 Berlin.

On the northern foreshore of Berlin Harbour a rat war is about to be waged, and the winner will make the fox zone their home. On the one side is Rattus rattus an invasive pest better known as the European White Rat. On the other is Rattus fuscipes, or Bogul, the Aboriginal name for the native bush rat...


little resistance, little pathology

Orsi Horváth – Alexander Povzner
Александр Повзнер - Орши Хорват

8–30 April 2016

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Kunstraum Tapir,  Weserstraße 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrivhshain

little resistance, little pathology 

What makes art resistant and revolutionary is not necessarily the flexibility to address every social or political grievance and translate the headlines of the media into the language of contemporary art. According to Jacques Rancière, the resistance of art can be found in its sensory experience that is constituted in the tension between the collective and the individual, the specific and the ordinary. The two-person exhibition, “little resistance, little pathology” with works by Orsi Horváth and Alexander Povzner is dedicated to the subjective resistance tactics and subversive statements of the two artists that relate to both complex connections as well as everyday observations. Through their sculptures made of fragile materials – raw clay by Horváth and plaster by Povzner – the artists obtain awareness of themselves within the social and political processes.



It may seem like the opposite of loud, but an undertone can determine the character of a work of art. Art needs closer inspection, to recognize the implied, the undertone. It may hide a secret which is not visible at first, only an undercurrent. An undertone, difficult to discover, is unobtrusive, but not unimportant as it give depth to an expression. It may take time and effort, but be well worth gageing the "unterton" in these works of art. "Der Ton macht die Musik".


The Art of Catching Serpents
Visiting Artists from the University of Delaware

curated by Abby Donovan

A group exhibition that considers the work of nine American artists curated by Abby Donovan . This exhibition represents a collaborative project between the University of Delaware's MFA program and Takt Kunstprojektraum


Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstraße 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain


ne plus ultra minus multiverse | Takt Mentors' Group Show


Presence, the time of all events, is lighting up, oscillating between Herakles' Columns and parallel worlds. Right behind the curtain however, time collapses providing fertile groundfor creating alternative worlds, orchestrating their surge and surrender.

Attempts to decode events that happen in the space-time continuum may yield results, depending  on the viewer's momentum and the presence of mass respectively energy.

Welcome to Tapir-LAB's multiverse!


Tapir L.A.B, Müggelstraße 17, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain









Ira Hoffecker | Urbane Welten - Urban Settings

30.01. -19.02.2016
Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin

"My paintings are informed by the different identities cities take on over a period of time. I am interested in how different societies transform and change city spaces over the course of the centuries. My work examines the relationships between people and cities by responding to constant change, reconstruction and restoration in the urban landscape...."

Norman Gensel
Helden - POP UP Exhibition


Kunstraum Tapir LAB, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin
Norman Gensel, 1981 in Berlin geboren, in Greifswald studiert, Ausstellungen u. a. im Künstlerhaus Lucas, Ahrenshoop, Historischer Keller, Berlin, Kunstmuseum Ystad, Malmö. Lebt und arbeitet in Potsdam und Malmö.