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Sandra Zuanovic | REVISITED LINES

Playing with patterns and paradigms is the hallmark of the works of Sandra Zuanovic. Motifs that may be read as iconic are reframed as ornamental and sometimes seem to be undermined and rendered absurd through repetition, reflection and overlayering.
And indeed it is only through this transformation into patterns and ornamentation that the structural character of the motifs is revealed. They harbour a profound and socially formative force whose tangible traces are visible in her direct interventions onto the walls.
This analytical level corresponds to a pictorial rhetoric reminiscent of that of art brut, a
mixture of horror vacui and immediacy.

Text: Thomas W. Kuhn, Tiergarten, 2016

OPENING: May 9th 7-10pm
SHOW: May 10th-13th
OPEN HOURS: Friday 7-9pm

FINISSAGE: Monday, May 13th 7-10pm
7pm: ARTIST TALK (The talk will be held in German)

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