Julie Wolfe – Room 11


Wolfe’s practice questions the coherence of systems that humans create in order to better understand the world around them. Working with a myriad of materials, including books, water, light, chemical and organic compounds, photographs and other found objects, she encourages the viewer to reject a rigid classification of their surroundings in favor of arrangements that offer uncertainty, disturbance and new possibilities.

Green Room 11 is a satellite exhibition running simultaneously with Wolfe’s large water installation in Washington DC. Green Room 11 raises environmentally relevant topics in the broader context of Art and Science. The exhibition offers an interconnected “micro” installation, a systematic collection that serves as a live laboratory of glass vessels filled with natural plant and animal extractions, industrial chemicals, biological stains used for histology, as well as samples taken from local and national waterways, some of which are heavily polluted. These are displayed with natural plant and animal extractions such as squid ink, cochineal bugs, kamala, beet juice and alkanet.

While the water vessels present a dazzling array of light and color, the installation will change over the duration of the exhibition as the water and matter settle into varying stages of decomposition, oxidation and shades of color. Many of the vessels will be connected by tubing and will share a common environment, each sample being affected by its co-habitant. These processes become the integral meaning and functional purpose of the live laboratory.

Within the context of Art and Science and Wolfe’s use of gathering and reordering to generate new associations, History of Nature presents a thoughtful interaction between text and image. Wolfe creates a visual vocabulary of codes on found book pages with a metaphorical and literal lightness. The graphic symbols are simple reactions to the existing text and often mock science textbook’s use of equations and directional lines. Many of these codes are then used in larger, more abstract drawings and paintings.

Julie Wolfe is a visual and conceptual artist living and working in Washington, DC and New York. She received a BFA in Painting and Art History from the University of Texas, Austin. Her work is exhibited and collected at many institutions around the world. For more information about Julie and her work, please visit her website at juliewolfedesign.com

Opening: Friday 9th October 2015 19-22h

Exhibition: 10th October – 31st October 2015

Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstrasse 11, 10437 Berlin


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