SOMETHING LOST | Takt A.I.R. Summer Group Show 2018

Donghwan Ko | House of the red lines | acrylic and spray paint on canvas | 80 cm x 100 cm


Takt presents

THE BELLY OF THE WHALE | Takt A.I.R. Summer Group Show 2018

‘You have to know how to look, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for’ Roberto Bolaño curated by David Kantounas

OPENING: Friday, 22.06.2018 19 – 22h SOUNDART PERFORMANCE by Sam Genovese

GROUP SHOW FESTIVAL (26./29.6.) curated by Antje Görner (TAKT BERLIN LEIPZIG)

Tuesday, 26.06.2018 20 – 22h SOUNDART PERFORMANCES by Sam Genovese, Frank Mauceri, Maria Ponce Mexicain food: Rosaana and Claudia Velasco

Friday, 29.06.2018 19 -22h FINISSAGE DANCE PERFORMANCE by Marie Takahashi (viola) and Valentin Anezzo (dance) PRINTING WORKSHOP by TAKT community

OPEN HOURS: Tuesday 19 – 22h Sunday 16 – 19h and by appointment

Participating Artists:

Katherine Avant Sam Genovese Hadass Gilboa Chloe Jane Hambleton Donghwan Ko Kasia Koralewska Kristen Palana Hannah Plowright Mojdeh Rezaeipour Sara Sisun Nuni Weisz

guests: Valentin Anezzo Frank Mauceri Maria Ponce Marie Takahashi Claudia Velasco Rosaana Velasco

TAPIR GALLERY | TAKT BERLIN | Neue Hochstraße 8 | 13347 Berlin-Mitte