Anne Sara Loe | BODY PRINT


Takt is happy to present

Anne Sara Loe – BODY PRINT

EXHIBITION: 13.04. – 28.04.2019


I live and work on the west coast of Norway, in a rural fjord landscape, surrounded by air and water. Living in these peripheral environments, far from the active urban life yet in the middle of the world, has to a large extent influenced my work. I am interested in the correlation between man and nature, and the vulnerability of the species and the whole environment._ In my art works I study geographical and topographical shapes and landscapes, human anatomy, different organic structures and bodies. I see these topics free of scientific and objective limitations. The main intent for me has been to investigate and reveal unseen and surprising similarities between life forms and shapes at different levels. I am curious about the visual patterns that occur in these assemblies or meetings._ I wish to open for questions and reflection related to our existence in the world.


Tapir Gallery | Takt Berlin | Neue Hochstraße 8 | 13347 Berlin-Mitte