OMNIFARIOUS - von aller Art

Takt Residency Exhibition: Autumn 2015

Curated by Isolde Krams

Artists: Christel Brink Przygodda, Ariel Cotton, Adrian Fish, Rose Jaffe, Michelle Lim, Jiwoo Park, Stephanie Payne, Shah Rizzal, Marina Rolfe, Inigo Sesma

The art of this century has a wide range of views, ideas, materials and social comment. It is much easier to show rather than tell what art is. 

“Art after Post-Modernism is culturally vandalistic. That is, it seeks to destroy the high-cultural status quo and replace it with new, more timely, more adequate philosophical and artistic constructs the 20th century." Art after Post-Modernism is culturally vandalistic, furthermore, because its typical method in employing the wide range of cultural references, by which it grapples with the whole of surrounding culture, is to distort or effectively deface its sources as it bends them innovatively to its own creative needs. In addition, the cumulative effect of this new art's tremendous retrieval of cultural resources may sometimes invest its individual works with the character of a collection of loot, as if plundered by a tribe of Vandals, in a raid on past and present culture at many levels…art after Post-Modernism includes some painting which looks fairly traditional in a representative sense, yet which grasps, assimilates, and employs more diverse cultural sources and resources than art has done heretofore, in previous ages."*

Please take the statement into regard when viewing our show.

The show will allow you to interact with some of the artists face to face. See the reasoning and passion behind their work. A variety and unique artist touch is what brings this exhibition to life. From photography to drawing, from painting to comic strip. The exhibition delves into themes of life, memories, history and personal stories.

*Art after Postmodernism, James Mann, Curator Las Vegas Art Museum

 Opening: Friday, 18 September 19-22h

Exhibition: 18.12 – 20.12.2015

Kunstraum Tapir, Weserstraße 11, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Tapir L.A.B, Müggelstraße 17, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain









Christel Brink Przygodda

“One composes with lights, the other with her body. Christel Brink-Przygodda and Philippe Veyrunes founded in 2005 the collective K-LI-P (Körper-Lumière Installation-Performance / Body-Light Installation-Performance), a name that sums their program, and of which they make the core (to which other artists can aggregate to depending on projects). Their intention tends to, through shared experiences, to ruffle, rather than mingle, their imagination. Both of them work on transforming the physical space, shaping it with light and body, into a mental space saturated with cultural references, with memories, sounds, images and texts.”  Jean-Pierre Chambon


Dancer and visual artist living in France. Since 2005, developing her own research of crossing experiences and created the Collectif K-LI-P with the visual artist Philippe Veyrunes to question our concept of identity. Her visual work ‘Ego Document’ develops like an every-day diary and opens up to the amateur and professional; includes installation components. Till now Przygodda has shown in France, Sweden, Netherland and in Germany.



Guerrilla Girls and Beuys. Installation Performance: Module 1

Concept : Christel Brink Przygodda, Philippe Veyrunes

Camera : Martine Arnaud Goddet

20 minutes, Grenoble September 2015



Ariel Cotton


Ariel Cotton is an artist, designer and maker of things. Her work straddles the boundaries between art and technology, ranging from comic art to interactive installations and devices. Cotton's art has been featured in group and solo exhibits internationally, including the MoMA and Maker Faire.




Cotton's work intertwines personal slices of life with commentary on political and social issues and trends. She reflects on the events happening around her both in her immediate surroundings and in the word at large, often with a perverse sense of humor.

Ominfarious_Ariel Cotton_01

Ominfarious_Ariel Cotton_02

Ominfarious_Ariel Cotton_03


Adrian Fish

Aquaphilia Berlin              

Berlin has been dominated by a 20th century of imperialism, war, geopolitical conflict and division, followed by an awkward reunion of a city developed under incongruous political systems. I am interesting in examining the traces of this history through Berlin’s extant infrastructure- specifically abandoned swimming pools. 

The three locales visited for this project are the recreational pool from the 1936 Olympisches Dorf- a showpiece athlete’s village designed under Nazi principles; the Pankow Swimmhalle- a former East German prototype for community swimming pools built in the early 1970’s; and the Berliner Luft und Badeparadies- a water park complex located in Neukölln that closed permanently in 2005 after an infestation of vermin from the neighbouring Teltow Canal.


Adrian Fish’s photographic practice documents the physical and psychic spaces of 21st century habituation. Employing the visual vocabulary of anthropology, images project an unscientific gaze onto the spheres of education, recreation, and entertainment through architecture and portraiture. Represented by Loop Gallery, Toronto and exhibited throughout Calgary, Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg, and internationally in Atlanta GA, Brooklyn, NY, Chelsea, NY, Columbus, OH, Lishui City, China and Tokyo, Japan



Omnifarious_Adrian Fish_02

Omnifarious_Adrian Fish_03

Rose Jaffe

Rose Jaffe is an illustrator and painter; born and raised in Washington, D.C. She earned her BFA at the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. She has spent her 4 years post college creating her own work as well as teaching arts at Parkmont School and Words, Beats and Life Academy. The content of her work is most often based upon the human form,  with themes of political activism and female empowerment. She is thrilled to spend some more time creating work in Berlin, Germany.

Humans need community to survive and to flourish; human contact, connection, support - even love. The work I made in Berlin explores this human desire to be a part of something greater than oneself. The overlapping knot of bodies is tied specifically to the female community, where judgement and lack of acceptance can divide and distract from real work that must be done as women. By sharing intimate space, creating conversation and building relationships we can find common ground in which to exist. Only when these barriers are taken away, trust can be built and true changes made.


Omnifarious_Rose Jaffa_03
American Progress (Ink and Aerosol on Paper)

Omnifarious_Rose Jaffa_02
 Women in Knots (Acrylic and Aerosol on Linen)

Michelle Lim


Lim Jia Ning Michelle is a Singaporean artist who is interested in the impermanent nature of emotions, relationships, and identity. She works in formats accessible to the public such as text, printed multiples, and participatory interventions. She has exhibited at The Substation Gallery, Singapore; Grimmuseum, Berlin; and Rosenberg Gallery and The Commons, New York.


Artist Statement

Lim Jia Ning Michelle is interested in the impermanent nature of emotions, relationships, and identity. Her work touches on the beauty of the everyday, and often involves an element of change with the passage of time. She works in formats accessible to the public such as text, printed multiples, and participatory interventions.

Ominfarious_Michelle Lim_02

Untitled (Stuck Stuck Stuck), Graphite, gouache and acrylic paint on linen

Ominfarious_Michelle Lim_03
Untitled (Quite Lost Not Exactly), Graphite, gouache and acrylic paint on linen

Ominfarious_Michelle Lim_01
Untitled (Well, Here Now?), Graphite, gouache and acrylic paint on linen


Jiwoo Park


Jiwoo Park is based in South Korea and United States. Her work has been developed in a way of finding the identity in dialogues on exploring the surroundings. By making paper chairs, she asks herself “where are you?” and “where do you belong to?” both as an individual and existing within various overlapping communities.



Artist Statement

By recreating personal environs with such objects made of paper, I ask questions myself and the viewers “where are you?”, “where do you belong to?” In the process, I hung them perpendicularly on my studio wall using the wall as the ground, creating whimsically uncanny spaces. These created spaces evoke sedate scenes of alienation, which is the feeling I have to the questions above.

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_01Where are you sitting (paper)

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_07

Where are you sitting (paper)

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_02
Where are you sitting (paper)

 Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_05
Where are you sitting (paper), detail

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_04
Where are you sitting (paper), detail

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_03
Where are you sitting (paper), detail

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_08
Chair III, (pencil and paper collage on paper)

Ominfarious_Jiwoo Park_09Chair II, (pencil and gouache on paper canvas) 

We've had some good adventures (acrylic paint and ink)

Stephanie Payne

Stephanie Payne is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist with a practice that focuses on painting, collage, and installation. Her inspiration is rooted in notions of identity, memory, and transformation. She is interested in exploring the subconcious through the use of color, abstracted narratives, and landscape. In addition to her studio practice she is also a makeup artist.


Stephanie creates dream-like environments that are inspired by personal memories and experiences; transformed and re-invented through a phychadelic approach. In her work she often constructs spatial illusions, by manipulating the relationship between the foreground/ background, offering a multitude of entry points for the viewer to jump in and out of. These invented worlds are situated in a dis-located nature, that explore the threshold between inner and outer realities, and offer a space for introspection.


Shah Rizzal


Shah Rizzal, is a graffiti and performance artist with an untamable spirit. Shah’s strong views on his craft and societal tensions further challenge his unorthodox yet poignant methods of expression. He is self-taught in the use of aerosol paint as his primary medium of communication before his formal arts education in Lasalle College of the Arts with a Ba(Hons) in Fine Arts. The street is his inspirational gallery and art-making is his choice of a communicating visual experiences that relates to its surroundings and as a form of comment or a critique of the present state.   



My objective in this artwork is to portray the uncanny feeling that one gets being watched.  The spaces in between the aforementioned connection are separated by private bubble of privacy, exclusivity, naivety, ignorance and many other factors that one circumscribes itself to.

Ominfarious_Shah Rizzal_02
Conversations (spraypaint)

Ominfarious_Shah Rizzal_01

Ominfarious_Shah Rizzal_06

Ominfarious_Shah Rizzal_05

Ominfarious_Shah Rizzal_04Ominfarious_Shah Rizzal_03

Marina Rolfe

Artist Statement

I’ve always been interested in people. The way they connect and see the world, their differences and devotions. Painting portraits for me is a blend of physical and emotional process, the energy and the power of brush strokes, textures and imperfections. All together it brings the freedom of exploring a deep human nature with its vulnerability and strength.

There is always something new to discover. I often find my work reflects my inner self in a completely new and unknown manner. I have that constant push that I’m so grateful for.


I was born and raised in Russia and grew up in Moscow. I have always had a big imagination ever since I was a kid. My parents enrolled me into the School of Arts when I was six years old. After finishing high school I went to university and commenced a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major Painting and Graphic Design). Creative freedom – it’s everything I loved and everything I adore today. I moved to Australia in 2009, where I currently live and work.


Ominfarious_Marina Rolfe_04

Ominfarious_Marina Rolfe_03

Ominfarious_Marina Rolfe_02

Ominfarious_Marina Rolfe_01

Iñigo sesma

Born San Sebastian (Spain) in 1987. Iñigo sesma currently works and lives between San Sebastian and Bilbao. Masters in Painting from University of the Basque Country after a BA at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Sesma’s work is in the Contemporary Art Foundation  of Aquarium Museum San Sebastian Collection.


  1. Master degree in Painting. University of the Basque Country.

Bilbao, Spain.

  1. Drawing Programme. School of Visual Arts, SVA. New York, USA.

2011/2012. Continouing Education in Painting at National Academy of Arts. New  York, USA.

  1. Art and Bussines Certificate, New York University. New York, USA.
  1. Silkscreen Programme, Pati Limona. Barcelona, Spain.
  1. Bachelor in Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.


When an artist chooses painting as his primary mean of expression, painting itself and all it encompasses, comes to life, leading him to a unique creative process of infinite possibilities.

I treat a figurative painting, focused on examining the weaknesses and social norms. Shape a stage where something happens, but trying to elude the narration from the action, inspiring a confused feeling and vision of the evidence.

This way, related shapes and ideas emerge, forming themselves into a global discourse.

I feel the need to standardize the oddities, by a big cinematographic presence. I describe a single moment of dream like and poetic expression.

The painting is in the middle between the absurd, fantasy and drama. There is a surreal point not only in the disjointed solution forms but also in the atmosphere, with a scenery in which the cryptic density overrides a quick and immediate reading.

Ominfarious_Inigo Sesma_01Deckenleuchte (oil on wood)

Ominfarious_Inigo Sesma_03

Ominfarious_Inigo Sesma_05Imbiss Oase (oil on canvas), Ostkreuz (oil on wood)