Isabel Rock – Bongo Bicycle

Isabel Rock

Takt Kunstprojektraum is happy to present:
Exhibition // Bongo Bicycle by Isabel Rock
in our new satellite Takt Residency Leipzig at Tapetenwerk

We’re in Leipzig and something is chuckling and grumbling behind the paper. See the strange and humorous world of Isabel Rock’s imagining. A personal folklore of goblins, crocodiles, bicycles and ice cream; the landscape is surreal as it is familiar. Greed, hunger, mischief and play, Rock combines a gayety and grumpiness through her work. Pools of bright inks swell and trickle through swirls of delicate detailed rendering. A colourful aesthetic of chaos and movement. Narratives trail through the drawings as the characters chant songs of Rock’s quirky rhyme.

Beyond the alluring surface of refined penmanship and the cheeky mischievousness of the creatures, stares a piercing gaze back out to our primal and animalistic instincts. Rock's fantastical characters might fuel our self denial that we are not these monsters. But the allegories of greed, gluttony and violence echo our blind subservience to consumerism and capitalist systems.

Opening: Thursday 30th April 17-24h
Exhibition: 1st - 2nd May 2015
Performance: Friday 16h with Erika Boudreau-Barbee

Tapetenqerk Leipzig, Lützner Straße 91, 04177 Leipzig