Tia Yoon | As above, So below

As above, So below 200 x 200 cm Mixed Media on canvas

Tia Yoon | As above, So below

curated by Antje Görner
Sep 15 – Sep 30 2022

OPENING: Sep 15 5 -8 pm

Daily VR Workshops with Dr. Maceij Walczak: September 12-17 2-8pm

OPEN HOURS: Sa/Su 4-6 pm and by appointment

As above, So below

During Tia Yoon’s residency at Takt Zeitz, the city’s harmonious yet contradictory energy between traces of history and potential of something new, inspired them into a self reflection journey gazing at their experience with the attempts, failure, and letting go of certain communications. Primed and unprimed linen canvas were stitched together as the first layer of the work, multiple watery layers were then applied before painted composition and projection of documented movement traces in Virtual Reality and 3D models’ bodily gestures, lines of such then becomes base for other layers of deconstruction of compositions.

TAPIR | Kopenhagener Str. 31a | 10437 Berlin
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