Millie Gleeson | time will tell
08.10. – 30.10.2016


Kunstraum Tapir | Weserstraße 11 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrivhshain


time will tell

 Staged around a powerful female character my paintings portray figures in various guises, featured in settings that create a narrative. Their large scale attribute a goddess-like feel, synchronising with the theatricality of each scenario. I fabricate my vision through props, costume, and make-up, from which performance-based photo shoots evolve. Imbued with a dualism of a fantastical yet familiar reality. A playful act between the model and myself as photographer, explores characteristics until everything “clicks” into place. Translating the imagery through paint is an intimate exploration of my visual language through the female figure and its expression. Painting women allows me to unlock a part of myself, which I feel resides in them, becoming both a transformative and reflective process.



millie-gleeson-time-will-tell_03 millie-gleeson-time-will-tell_04