Jiwoo Park | Do you have a dwelling place

Staircase | paper, foam core and light installation | 100cm x 70cm


Takt presents

Jiwoo Park | Do You have a dwelling place

OPENING: Friday, 12.01.2018 19 – 22h EXHIBITION: 13.01. – 28.01.2018 FINISSAGE: Sunday, 28.01.2018 16 -19h OPEN HOURS: Sunday 16 – 19h and by appointment

Tapir Gallery | Takt Berlin | Neue Hochstraße 8 | 13347 Berlin-Wedding


We do not perceive the space just by senses. We live in there, experiencing, applying our thoughts and own lives, and then get connected to it with aroused emotions and sensibilities. As own experiences build up, we do recreate a nonexistent ‘scene’ where the each missing pieces get to find their spots in. However, since this scene/space is not real, the question is still left with us, “Where are you?”, “Where do you belong to?” Jiwoo Park cargocollective.com/jiwoopark

Jiwoo Park is a visual artist based in Seoul, South Korea and Berlin, Germany. She took part in Takt’s winter residency in 2015 for three months and since then she has been participated in the art scene in Berlin. Her work has been developed through dialogues of exploring the surroundings and domestic space, questioning the ideas of belongingness and boundaries.