Christine Falk | Alfred Banze – Public Eyes |Private Lines

Christine Falk Alfred Banze

We are happy to invite
Christine Falk & Alfred Banze as first guests
as part of the exhibition series BEZIEHUNGEN
©urated by takt kunstprojektraum
Opening: Friday, May 15th, 7-10pm
Exhibition: 15.05.- 05.06.2015

kunstraum tapir * weserstr. 11 * 10247 berlin f-hain
tapir LAB ° müggelstrasse 17 ° 10247 berlin f-hain

Artist Talks:
Wednesday, May 20th 7.30pm
Takt Talk with Christine Falk

Friday, May 29th, 5pm
Takt Talk with Alfred Banze and guest


Painting, searchingly between abstraction and reality, based on the roots of classical modernism. In search of the essence of a place, a moment. Playing with color, texture. Balance between physiological perception and culturally shaped aesthetic. Search for the typical, the pictorial, the magic of a place in a world designed by people. The result of a long process of intercultural dialogue and project work in various cultures. Experience, reception, metamorphosis, new discovery. This raises the question of the image reception and their culturally determined differences.


Hand writing, drawing, and playing a musical instrument are children of the same idea: the direct notation of an incursion, a mood, at the moment of it´s appearance. Ornaments, rhythms, visual and auditory pattern, found while traveling and in digital and analog archives. Born in 1958 in Kirchbauna, Alfred Banze lives in Berlin. Videos, photos, performances, installations, drawings and music. Since 2001 he has worked in participatory art projects, in which children, youth and adults, amateurs, artists and specialists in various areas be included in the artistic production.


Christine Falk
Alfred Banze