Andrea van der Kuil


Andrea van der Kuil is a freelance designer and performer who graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 2016 with a BA Performance and Visual Art, majoring in Production Design and Musical Theatre. She is a designer, physical theatre practitioner, performer, Irish dancer and writer. Being involved in numerous productions – designing, acting and stage-managing – Andrea has worked with the likes of Sylvaine Strike, Sarah Roberts, Rajesh Gopie, Mwenya Kabwe and Roberto Pombo. Her latest acting performances include (UN)bridaled (RE)mixed by Marina Osthoff Magalhães and (after) The Flies directed by Sarah Roberts and Kieran Reid. This year she focused the majority of her attention on the female body and the perception thereof within the context of her city, Joahnnesburg in South Africa. She has been an Irish Dancer for thirteen years, was placed third at the South African Championships in 2015 and competed at the Irish Dancing World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland in March 2016.


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