Nelson Maravalhas

spaltung | el corte alemán


My life has been divided between two careers: as a university professor, and as a maker of objects for visual apprehension, AKA artist. The work of the latter is arborized into several branches such as drawings, paintings, objects and sculptures, which in their turn also ramify into subsets that can overlap each other or form nots. Some have names to define their working processes: Interferences, Experimental, and Allegorical Paintings. The latter I consider my most important contribution to the cultural scene. They are narrative and conceptual jointly, and make propositional statements using people, objects, and space as the vocabulary of a visual grammar. There are usually confused with Surrealism and/or Mystical expression. There are neither; they present a subjective atmosphere in which a riddle is to be solved.


“Protocol Back” | oil on canvas


Comments on Epistemology, of error | oil on canvas


“The Dea(r)th of Richman-Saint Paul had warned!” | oil on canvas