In the mind’s eye | Bernardita Bennett

Bernardita Bennett

Bernardita Bennett (Chile) studied undergratuated program in Visual Arts in Universidad Catolica de Chile and Master in Arts and New Media in Universidad de Chile. The common denominator in her work is photography used in different ways. Her subject matters of interest are identity aspects of persons and urban exteriors, which she registers systematicly to generate documentary series under different premises. In them, the orders are given by factors as similarity, reordering the images, and with it, revealing the false identity in aspects of reality. In other works she researches about different technical possibilities of photography, manipulating it to create series in stop motion and photomontages. With this alterations she reveals aspects of strangeness in the image, with the ominous character this type of interventions allow. She has done solo and group exhibitions over Santiago, Chile Gdansk, Poland and Berlín, Germany.



Bernardita Bennett | Unblind Walls | one minute loop with sound