In the mind’s eye | BodyWorkBodyWork (Matt Brownell & Cat Lauigan)



BODYWORKBODYWORKis the collaborative efforts of Matt Brownell and Cat Lauigan. Born from a shared love of techno and ambient music, artist books, and minimalism, this project is directed at finding a joint language in this common area between our otherwise divergent practices. Through reductive processes, we investigate the elements of our environment in order to find personal meaning in the objects, materials, and sounds of everyday life. From these discoveries, the reductions serve as the platform for a new language that we expand upon through abstraction. We produce work of both a tangible and ephemeral nature, using a variety of media to suit each individual project.



BodyWorkBodyWork (Cat Lauigan | Matt Brownell) | “Berlin Artefacts” | table, found objects