Julie Paveglio

I am interested in ephemera and thresholds of personal experience.  Automatic drawing and painting, as developed by the surrealist artists to access the sub consciousness, allows me to construct a symbolic language of time and place, personal experience and thought, a personal mythic narrative. Color and symbols are generated from the gurgling flood of internal and external observance and interactions though my body.  Phenomenon and thought can be both logical and illogical, of reality or fantastical.  Working automatically captures an attempt at meaning amidst technological advancement and sensory overload.    The fluidity of form, recognizable imagery and abstract form, edges and color, blurring momentary reason, are personal narrations on stability, obscurity, and fracturing, knowing what is real or artificial.  Reality experienced with grounded feet and open eyes changes when clouds of thought envelop obscured vision.  The female body is represented alone in the midst of a monstrous multidimensional reality.

My latest work addresses women in the hellacious confrontations of inequality, degradation, biological utility, further questioning constructions of gender, identity and woman’s acceptance, or retaliation, of suppression.   I explore cultural and narrative tropes of warrior, goddess and monster, questioning how these formulations define and confine womanliness.



1979 (acrylic on paper)


Dziecko (Child) (acrylic on paper)


Incarnadine (acrylic on paper)