Denisse Griselda

Denisse Reyes is an artist and historian working in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Wesleyan University in 2015 with a BA in Art History and studied visual representations of historical narratives across several disciplines. Straddling the lines of assimilation, refuge, and self-preservation, her current work interrogates the boundaries of representation by publicly engaging with memory. She has begun to archive her memories on the Internet with videos, referring to the Internet as an interstitial site for material objects. Using rotoscoping as an obsessive technique, she performs the ritual reflection to the past and narrates the consumption of obsessive practices while inviting an audience to witness her attempt to suspend her memories in time. Denisse is dedicated to investigating how to archive marginalized histories poised between fiction and reality, the histories that are manufactured as (in)visible, which lend themselves to their representation and mystification.



Griselda (film)