Melanie Cobham

Melanie Cobham is a Uruguayan Visual Artist and Product Design-
er, interested in working with topics such as (self) perception and its

distortion, the ambiguity of the “real”, the boundary between “I” and “you”,

free will (or its illusion), patterns endlessly repeated in nature, the absurdi-
ty of the human behavior, among many others.

She often chooses two dimensional grounds, using pen or ink to
represent situations where everything is manifested as a dual reality
between figurative hyperrealism and the most absolute abstraction.

Influenced by the work of M.C. Escher, Magritte, and conceptual
artist Luis Camnitzer, she purposefully places her work under a lens, often
imperceptible, that produces that friction between reality and fiction,
between hyperrealism and abstraction, between art and life.
The artist pretends to create work that is as ambiguous and surreal

as the concepts that delimit her work, aiming to encapsule time by man-
aging the observer’s length of perception at her own will.


Untitled | graphite, screen print on paper