Talia Benabu

In my work I am involved with questions such as how can simultaneity, which is an essential quality of space and life, be rendered? How can an image be packed with energy similar to that existing in the observed world? What I mean by simultaneity is the sensual bombardment one experiences even in a very serene landscape: a yellow field, a bird, a lamp post, the sky, a cloud, green, the sound of your footsteps on the gravel. Complexity, variety, simultaneity; a non-sense which makes sense. When using any media I see the process as a collage: raw material which has many options of being composed. The challenge consists of finding my way to the most specific arrangement of events. Chance is a prominent part of the working process that allows sensual experience and memory to influence the way I handle material. I pose questions and try to leave space for their answers to surprise me, postponing a priori knowledge and allowing tones and textures to create structure, weight, movement and rhythm.