My specific focus of artwork is reflecting institutional framework of society and its visualization in terms of sensible installation for audience experience and reflection. 

With background of study in international law as lawyer at its birthplace, The Graduate Institute Geneva, I adopt “legal perspective” in artwork installation. Law is a mirror reflecting human society, and is a fundamental framework designed for human discipline in operation of society. By visualizing law, and legal system with various methods, suggesting as experimental structure and sensible installation, people can understand institution and system around us, physically and conceptually. 

In my art projects, individuals meet with incidents that can evoke them to think what is right or wrong. In this process, people can awake their own sensitivity towards what should be ‘law’ or not. This communication between individuals and situation through art installation is a process of discovering a natural law(自然法) that is already in human reason, a pre-existing sense of law. However, human, by their fragility, lost confidence in their own reason easily in front of the system. This natural law, that I want to evoke through art, needs to correct and balance the existing system that is often standing for system itself, but not for human, as suggested by the legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin.

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