Aayushi Gupta

Aayushi Gupta is from a third cultured generation. I believe for myself to be an artist first and then a photographer: someone who has chosen her tool as the camera over paint or a chisel. I don’t take photographs to tell stories neither do I use the camera as it is meant to be used, I make photographs happen. A photograph for me is a process which when materialized in print leaves one astounded. I don’t try to frame a piece of reality for you, the spectator, to realize it; I use the camera to try and create something you have never seen, to make you realize something you would never believe but are equally tempted to believe because of the realistic nature of a photograph. This does not mean that I am creating false realities, it simply means that I am trying to create visual typologies through which we can realize certain necessary truths or at least start asking the questions we should be asking.