I’m happy to be involved in the Takt program again as it was culturally enriching and artistically inspiring. If chosen, I would like to create another series of Berlin-inspired paintings. The paintings will incorporate images of Berlin with the impression of different items I find in the city. For example, the attached file of “Stillness and Flight” (acrylic painting on canvas, 122 cm x 91 cm) shows a painting inspired by my trip to Japan. It features the photos I took while in Japan: an aerial view of Osaka, the corner of an ancient door in Matsushima, and airplanes in Narita Airport. It also features the impression of an oval cookie box tray (the oval shapes) from my favourite bakery in Japan. The departure from the “Berlin Souvenirs,” which I created in my 2017 residency at Takt, would be the textural impressions of objects from different items I find in Berlin. In short, besides the visual context, I will add a physical element to my impressions of Berlin.