Byron Breese


R. Byron Breese is an inter-disciplinary artist and philosophical theologian who has attained over a half-century of existence. During the course of multiple careers – from the military to the church – he wrote, painted, mixed mediums, preached, counseled, lectured, taught, sculpted, drew and photographed, and continues to do so. Presently he is writing a play about two World War 1 poets examining his family history, art and contemplation, love and post-mortem dialogue. He lives with his two young children and their grandmother in a tiny village in the woods, hills and valleys of Vermont, USA. If it matters at all (to whom?), he holds two professional degrees: the M.Div. and the MFA-IA.


Scene 1: “2 Soldiers” or “(Knowledge of the Dead)” | MP4 video file, 17 minutes