Lyn Liu



My work bridges the gap between abstraction and representation. Each painting is an individual and distinctive exploration. I reject the notion of formulaic answers to the process of initiating or developing a painting.

I am haunted by images that resonate in my imagination. Each image suggests a unique solution and the act of working with them in intuitive manner is the process by which I determine the final outcome.

Often I do not know in advance how the painting will resolve itself. For me the act of making a painting is about the dialogue that ensues between the physicality of the materials and the emergence of the imagery. It is like a dance between the various components, and the adventure is in finding a balance between the elements.

Because most paintings are an unique experience I need to look carefully to see what qualities need to be enhanced to realize the outcome. When I find a balance between the formal components and the initial sources of imagery it usually means that the painting is complete.


untitled | oil on canvas



Pinocchio | oil on canvas