In the mind’s eye | Lauren Morehouse

The Consciousness of Men | acrylic yarn and filling | 2m x 1m | 2013


Lauren Morehouse (b. Sydney, Australia) has recently completed her honours year in a Bachelor of Fine Art (2015), having completed a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Anthropology) the previous year (2014), both at UNSW.

Working mostly with photography, object making and textiles, she often explores the relationship between the image and the object, resulting in a body of work that contains both of these elements.

Lauren’s work has always been greatly influence by her studies in Anthropology. Her art gives her a new means to explore social structures; often questioning the way the world is presented to her and therefore her interpretation of it. Her most current focus has been in crafting, and the possibilities of images craft can represent beyond the traditional.



Lauren Morehouse | In Prenzlauer Berg | archival inkjet and cotton embroidery thread