Unobtrusively Obvious | Takt Summer Group Show | Alissa Zilber

unobtrusively obvious_alissa zilber_00

Unobtrusively Obvious | Takt Summer Group Show | Alissa Zilber Blaschka

Alissa Zilber is an artist who is interested in interpreting and documenting human interactions through drawing and painting. Her work centers around the ambiguities that arise in interpersonal encounters and relationships. She is interested in the shifting boundary between foreignness and familiarity, and the process through which the former becomes the latter.

  unobtrusively obvious_alissa zilber_02Familiar Strangers No.1. | acrylic and pencil on tracing paper

These works are centered around the role of memory in human interactions. I have always had an abnormally strong memory for faces, to the degree that I run into the same strangers in various parts of a city, even if we only exchanged a mere glance for a few seconds. My memory has caused for interesting relationships with the people around me, as the boundary between foreignness and familiarity becomes increasingly ambiguous. These paintings document several interactions I have had with such “familiar strangers” around areas of Berlin. 


unobtrusively obvious_alissa zilber_01Familiar Strangers No.2. | acrylic and pencil on tracing paper