Unobtrusively Obvious | Takt Summer Group Show | Patti Singer

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Unobtrusively Obvious | Takt Summer Group Show | Patti Singer


Patti Singer’s mixed media artworks have their roots in the deconstuction and reconstuction of children toys combined with others heterogeneous materials. This process of changing purpose to objects opens a new possible reading of every single element of her installations reconsidering the adult perception
through the remembrance of childhood. Violence is a recurrent topic, perceived as a poison injected into the body of US society and deeply emphasized by the strict connection with the purity of toys.

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  unobtrusively obvious_patti singer_01Compulsion of Repetition in Traumland | mixed media, collage and paint

The inspiration behind it comes from Sigmund Freud’s lecture, “Beyond the Pleasure Principle.  His idea is that we, as adults, recreate scenarios evoking the trauma we experienced as children in an attempt to rework the original outcome.  The catch, Freud says,is that as adults we make sure to establish a behavioral copy that is unresolvable. My use of childhood images is meant to stimulate the viewer’s unconscious childhood memories and provoke a consideration of the impact childhood experiences have on our adult perceptions and behaviors.


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