Charys Wilson


 “I create drawings where areas of detail are juxtaposed and contrasted with areas of quiet space, where fragility and absence coexist, focusing on our modern day relationship with nature. At a time when we are consumed by a material culture, these works explore relationships between nature and the man made.
Every day we discard man made materials such as packaging cardboard and paper. The folded and crumpled surfaces of these materials can often display rich textures, and interesting shapes. In nature insects often camouflage themselves against natural surfaces, in my drawings I aim to place the insects on the surfaces of these discarded materials, creating connections between the natural and the man made.
My work aims to reconnect the viewer with these delicate and intricate forms, to appreciate them for even just a moment.
To appreciate every form of life.”


Still Life II (graphite on paper)


Still Life II (graphite on paper)-detail


Still Life I (graphite on paper)

Still Life I (graphite on paper)


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