Mariano Goto

“Art is a tool for freedom. It is an anarchical space that allows me to explore all what I am and what I am not at the same time.  I can be a scientist, an explorer, a magician or an archeologist. Through art, I can develop all the antagonistic visions of the world.

For me, it is a continue research into a isolated space guided by intuition. I am open to perceive, study and go deeper in every question. I am motivated about working with the duality of thought, of the human feeling and the reflexion of the spiritual being.

I am working with the emptiness like a philosophical concept of reflexion that determine what it is and what it is not and this is pictorially represented as a fragmented reality that it is not based on land but based on the nowhere. I also relate culture with nature. I study the language, given by calligraphy, symbols and rituals. I work with the concept of culture, the being of a culture and a civilization. I question the meaning and need of art.”


The ruins of what has been said series: Strange Dialogues (graphite and ink on paper)