Frank Mauceri

I observe myself, living within systems, some of which are undesirable. Struggling to find meaning in this situation, my composed systems offer analogies to alternative versions of ourselves – societies we don’t yet recognize. Perhaps these are the societies we could desire. Traces left by composition might be taken as their artifacts. I am motivated to create processes, leaving traces I don’t yet recognize. Beyond their mere existence, these marks invite witnesses to discover and invent the meaning they have in the context of the processes that left them. I use the computer, not because of its facility at manipulating materials, but rather as an environment for stipulating systems. I am interested in systems that organize materials at every scale – from the microscopic to the global. Local patterns relate to gestures that form large scale structure. Rather than make the patterns I want, patterns emerge from the systems I want.


Laminae no. 4 (ink-jet print on paper)