Paula Elion

Day-by-day” | acrylic-on-cardboard | 100x70cm | 2015

Paula Elion was born in Argentina and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Paula graduated from the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel (2009). She explores the mediums of painting and drawing. In her work, she combines these techniques, while using old books, found objects, cloth, cardboard, wood, etc. Paula’s work deals with a wide range of topics that connect personal and socio-political aspects. Often, these works are based on films, children stories, costume catalogs, old photos, social media posts, as well as on her own family albums, while exploring universal conflicts and questions. When painting a family scene, or when dealing with gender, for instance, she encompasses a rainbow of identities and meanings, not reducing it to one single sense. Her visual vocabulary incorporates a process of abstraction and converses with both figurative and expressive painting. There’s an ongoing dialog between being a part of the cultures that she is a member of and remaining a spectating outsider.


Documenta 2017 (acrylic on table cloth)