Loren Siems

Loren Siems’s autobiographical sculptures and paintings evolve from personal places and
memories that draw on universal themes of image, gender, and body politics. She bases her
work on relationships: her relationship with her mother, her relationship with her body, and
her relationships with men. Siems creates a visual language by adapting her childhood
imagery and memories to portray her psychological development and anxieties as an adult
woman formed from these relationships. All imagery is directly derived from her body and
experiences as a point of departure for a way to visually understand a woman’s view and
interaction with the world around her. Siems expresses nontraditional beauty by playing on
nostalgia for traditional beauty and certain ideals of feminine behavior, while urging girls to
grow to be strong independent women with a sense of reflection, a respect for the our female
predecessors, and a mind for changing the future.