Kalina Maria Winska

In my recent works, I explore various ways of observing and visually comprehending the weather through direct (human sight) and indirect means (e.g. satellite imagery.) Ultimately, in the process of making these works, issues such as our ambivalent relationship to climate change, concepts of weather modification, and the human drive to control natural phenomena resurfaced and provided more focused direction to my formal manipulations with materials and tools. The artworks are mostly mixed media drawings on paper or panel that formally explore indexical shapes of clouds in combination with meticulously layered symbolic signs of targets or molecular formulas of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the variety of color shapes, as well as the symbolic and expressive marks and lines, are inspired by surface weather analysis data codes. I think of them as abstracted snapshots of cloudscapes visibly marked with human activity. They express my worries and anxieties about what science and data reveal – the undeniably harmful consequences of human impact on quality of air and life on earth.