Embrasser l’ours /Cégep Limoilou


Küss den Bären/Embrasser l’ours is a collective project of emerging artists from the art program at Cégep Limoilou in Quebec City, Canada. The projection of a slide show of their creations is the solution found to defy the pandemic that caused the cancellation of the short residency they were supposed to have at TAKT.

Their mission is to create works that react to the context and to create an encounter between Québec and Berlin’s culture. The proposals take shape across a variety of disciplines, but reveal a sensitivity exacerbated by the confinement and urgency of the work.

The slide show presents works by art students Emy Beaulieu, Maude Beauvais-Landry, Anne-Julie Bédard, Amélya Bernard, Marianne Deschênes, Alexandra Dionne, Catherine Drouin Quevedo, Isabelle Falardeau, Lucille Ganne, Madeleine Gingras, Roxanne Lachance, Alicia Morin, Édouard Potvin, Jeanne Santerre, Mingyuan (Michel) Wu, as well as their teachers and artists Isabelle Falardeau and Émilie Santerre-Ayotte

See the works of each of the artists presented in the slideshow on the project’s Facebook page :