Chloé Jane Hambleton

Chloe Jane Hambleton is a classically trained contemporary dancer, who since graduating with a Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance, in 2016, has been informed by a ‘sense of place’ to create film, performance and photography works. Chloe has created in Spain, Germany, Japan, Iceland and Australia and exhibited in Spain, Germany, Japan and Cyprus. Chloe lives between Australia, India and Europe and is a very proud member of the Takt community.

Danielle Riede earned a BA degree from the University of Virginia and studied with Daniel Buren at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf. She earned an MFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Of her recent work, she says “When creating my ‘Wingspan’ paintings, I don’t have a preconceived image in mind. Inspired by dance, I begin with an intuitive movement off of the canvas and then record that same movement in paint. This gesture morphs as I move across the surface of the canvas and an image unfolds.”


Armadillo Gallery | Takt Berlin Leipzig Zeitz | Etgar-André-Straße 29 | 04157 Leipzig