GLOGAUAIR/ TAKT Talk: Ben Glas and Shelley O’Keefe


with Ben Glas  Shelley O’Keefe

Th, 29.08.2019 7-9pm

We are very excited to collaborate with TAKT BERLIN to host a special Artist Talk at GlogauAIR on 29th August !

Ben Glas (resident artist at GlogauAIR) and Shelley O’Keefe (resident artist at TAKT) will present the project they are working on and discuss about their works.

Ben Glas (United States 1992)
Ben Glas is an experiential composer based in Berlin. Through ephemeral compositions Glas’s work questions preconceived notions between passive and active participation, collapsing the difference between hearing and listening.In his work, Glas explores the inherent connections between proto-aleatoric music of the 20th century and the unfolding investigation into both theories and practical use of Quantum mechanics in music.

Shelley O’Keefe (Australia )
Shelley O’Keefe creates from her own experiences and insights and paint images as metaphors to reflect these encounters. Her work would be described as expressionistic as she distorts and flattens the picture plane to create stronger psychological effects. This also helps to avoid being didactic or prosaic, or simply painting the narrative. The viewer needs space to absorb imagery and her primary objective is to create an aesthetic that is reflected on. For her, Art is an essential part of being human and without art society has no vibrancy or vitality.


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