Takt Talk: Anne Fehres | Luke Conroy

Takt Talk with Anne Fehres | Luke Conroy

Friday, May 23 7pm CET
Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/TAKTTALKbyConroyFehres

Please join us at TAKT for another lively and enlightening artist conversation, this time from artist duo Luke Conroy (www.luke-conroy.com) and Anne Fehres (www.annefehres.com).
You can find the talk here: https://meet.jit.si/TAKTTALKbyConroyFehres
Anne Fehres (1988) is an audiovisual designer and visual artist working on multidisciplinary projects grounded in research into social subjects. Her projects take form in photography, sound design, film, textile design and video art installations. Anne’s work is frequently site-specific, collaborative and resonates strongly with the community she works in. Her work often explores the themes of identity, memory and history. She participates and reflects through her work on socio-ecological subjects, to tell stories and to create a role for herself in order to help build vibrant communities and provide a platform for those overlooked. Anne currently lives and works in The Netherlands.
Luke Conroy (1990) is an Australian artist, sociologist and educator, currently based in The Netherlands. His art practice is grounded in social observations and research, taking form in photography, digital art, video, text and installation. Across his eclectic projects, Luke creates satisfying and emotive visuals that promote a consideration of human values, relationships and beliefs across a variety of contexts. In order to create this work, Luke frequently imbeds himself in a variety of contrasting working environments, producing work that finds inspiration through collaboration with the local community and his own subjective interpretations.

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